• “BOE's customer service is unsurpassed - they're always willing to go the extra mile to make sure everything is just right. I love my ClamHinge! Wrenching and maintenance duties are so much more enjoyable! ”
    Dave S
  • “When given a choice on an aftermarket kit for my Exige, BOE is my top choice, because I know the design will be effective, as simple as possible, and I won’t have to reengineer it.”
    Amber M.


BOE stands for Beyond Original Equipment. BOE Fabrication is a leader in engineering, tuning, and fabrication specializing in the modern Lotus line up for both race and high performance street driving. You’ll find BOE Fab parts on winning Lotus Cars in SCCA, NASA, World Challenge, Lotus Cup, Lotus Challenge, and HSR Racing Series.

Facilities include:

• Complete Suite of Lotus Tuning Tools Including: BOE Fastworks, Kold-Fire, Lotus Tech Centre, OBD2/CANBUS Data Loggers
• Customized 2 Post Rotary Chassis Lifts for Ultra Low Race Cars
• Multi-Channel Automotive Data Logging Scope
• Engine Sized, Ultrasonic Parts Cleaner
• Dedicated Engine Assembly Cleanroom
• CAD/CAM Based Engineering utilizing both 2D and solids
• In-House Eddy-Current Load based Dyno with Polynomial Loading, Knock, and AFR Logging
• Complete Chassis Setup Including 3 Laser Alignment, Corner Scales, and Setup Stands
• Expert MIG and TIG welding
• CNC Mill Center
• Lathe and Fabrication Tooling
• Custom BMRS Hose Building

The BOE shop is fully insured and happy to provide superior Lotus service, installation, and track preparation by appointment. We take great pride and care in providing the best experience possible while we have your Lotus.

Please click HERE for shop hours and contact information.


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PRODUCT: Lotus OBD-2 Tuning

It’s finally here from BOE and Kold-Fire. The OBD-2 Cable that will allow you to flash tunes, reset the ECU, and much more as time goes to your Lotus Elise, Exige, and Evora! This is a first in the Lotus community!

PRODUCT: Revolution Supercharging

Among our favorite product launches for 2011 is the Revolutions Series of Supercharger kits. Check it out in the “Products” sections.

Elise on dyno following TVS installation and EFI Standalone EMS.
Elise on dyno following TVS installation and EFI Standalone EMS.